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5 Healthy Habits I Do Everyday

5 Healthy Habits I Do Everyday

It's New Year’s Day and you are ready to tackle all your resolutions. Perhaps you’ve made the decision to be more happy, forgiving, or maybe you’ve decided to be healthier. However, for many of us becoming healthier is a huge GIANT! We don’t know where to start and losing anything over 5 pounds seems impossible. Our thought life becomes polluted with thoughts of failure, with thoughts of fear. Deep inside we believe that we can never commit to such a big life change. You convince yourself that sugar and carbs will always be your best friend and there’s no way out of your toxic relationship. So there lies our resolutions, stored away for next year.

Well… if you’ve read my blog- “I Think I'm Ready To Go Vegan," you know that I am very health conscious so every year I decide to take steps to becoming a better me. However, after I got married my schedule got very crazy. I didn’t have the same time like I had before. So i’ve had to rearrange a couple thing in my life to make sure I stay in shape and as healthy as possible.I’ll give you a glimpse of my week:

I work full time for a Christian Television Network. On top of that, My husband and I are Worship Leaders and we worship or speak at churches every weekend and sometimes  do midweek services. This also means we have rehearsals and prep time. We also serve at our church which means we are at church at least 2 times a week. On top of that we also lead a small group during the week. To top it all off, we also travel at least once every  other month. Sounds exciting huh? It’s a blessing but it’s hard to squeeze a workout in and hard NOT to eat something fatty when your'e on the road. I don’t always have time to meal prep or get to the grocery store.

So I started thinking of ways I could stay healthy and in shape in between all these commitments. Throughout the years I’ve managed to stick to 5 small things I do to stay sharp.


  1. I DRINK A LOT OF WATER-I mean A LOT. I carry my water jug with me everyday during the week. This keeps my body clean and my skin clear. There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling hydrated and energized.

  2. I WALK AND STRETCH-  I walk on all my breaks and also take night strolls with Chris. I try to stay on my feet as much as possible. I do not like to feel like i'm just idle all day. I want to make sure that I keep my body moving even if I don't have time to get to a gym. It also never hurts to stand up from your desk or couch and just reach for your toes. I also love getting on my tiptoes and reaching very high. There are so many stretches you can search online.

  3. I SIT UP STRAIGHT- This is very hard for me because I am petite and my whole body tends to squeeze in all together. However, I constantly remind myself to sit up straight whether im sitting on a chair or the couch after a long day.

  4. I TAKE VITAMINS DAILY- I’ve heard many times that we don’t get all the vitamins we need through our diet alone. After having a lot of weird things happen to my body and extreme fatigue. I went to my doctor and she found out I had a few vitamin deficiencies. She gave me some vitamins to incorporate into my diet. My favorite  supplement is B12. These vitamins have boosted my energy and keep me going all day. Now I feel energized. Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

  5. I SHARE MY FOOD/ Kids Menu- This is my favorite way to stay healthy! When I don’t get the chance to cook at home, I try my best to share my meals when I eat out . Chris and I love doing this because it keeps our food portions right where they should be. Let’s be honest… you are not going to save it for tomorrow, your going to end up eating all TODAY! It amazes me how BIG our portions are in America. With food and drink portions so big, no wonder it’s hard to stay in shape! When I’m alone, I try to order from the kids menu (most places accept me as a child). This helps with portion control AND saves you money! You don’t have to ONLY wear your favorite tight/leggings- you can enjoy your meal with a friend AND wear your sexy jeans/dress together and still have room for a light dessert ( sugar free of course)!



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