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Millennials & Church Poll

Millennials & Church Poll

I recently did a Poll on Instagram and asked the following questions- Below are the results.

How Long Have You Been In Church?

82% Grew up in church/ 18% Have been in church 10 years or less

If you grew up in church, how was your experience?

50% Great / 50% Rough

Are you or were you a PK ( Pastor’s Kid) or were/ are you parents really involved at church?

63% Yes / 37% No

I then asked:

What’s the most profound thing you’ve learned growing up in church? Below are your answers:

  1. There is a difference between religion and relationship with Christ.

  2. Don’t have sex before marriage.

  3. Overall, the Holy Spirit. Even until now, it still awes me how close we can be to Him.

  4. I think learning what true Love is and how to demonstrate how Jesus did in the Bible.

  5. Keeping yourself pure is more than sex related, it involves all areas of our lives.

  6. Commitment is more than a feeling- it’s a promise to God.

  7. God is not mad, He loves me, He created me and knows me.

  8. It’s about relationship, not religion, Love God= Love (ALL) People, no matter what!

  9. If we’ve emphasized going to/doing church more than BEING the church, we’ve missed it.

  10. Community is important with people who share the same faith to support each other.

  11. God is my role model.

  12. Never put your eyes on man. Always on God. He will never fail us.

  13. Authenticity with yourself and community allows Holy Spirit to transform us.

  14. YOUR faith IS NOT your parent’s faith. God WILL transform you when YOU have surrendered.

  15. Just because you grew up in church doesn’t mean you personally know God.

  16. People who have joined the church later seem to appreciate the church more than those that grew up in it.

  17. Just because it’s Jesus-related doesn’t mean it’s boring.

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Millennials & Church

Millennials & Church