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Monday's Are The New Friday's

Monday's Are The New Friday's

We all experience it at some point the “Monday Blues”. This is the moment all your weekend adventures, dreaming, and sleep gets swept from under your feet. I honestly begin this moping Sunday morning. Yes-one day before, I begin to consider changing jobs, deciding that I’ll never get enough sleep, and start counting the hours until Monday. For many years I’ve been living this way until one day Chris and I took a trip to Paris.

Ever since we got back from our honeymoon in Italy we couldn’t stop dreaming of going back to Europe. So for our 2nd Anniversary we decided to go back but this time to Paris. We absolutely fell in love with this endless city but one thing stuck out the most. People didn’t seem to keep track of what day it was. It almost seemed like everyday was Friday. Why? It was because everything stayed open so late, people took their time eating, and it was so vibrant! No matter street you were on, you were bound to find something special.

It wasn’t shocking that as soon as we landed Sunday at 8 PM that we immediately got sad. It was then that we decided that were tired of feeling like Monday was the saddest day of the week.  Why can’t it be like Friday? Why can’t we look forward to it. Why can’t we actually go out on Monday night?!

So we made some changes. Instead of having a “lazy day”, we decided to make this day our Date Night ( which I will talk about in a later blog). We also decided that we could wake up a few minutes earlier and go to bed just a bit later. Now if you’re like me, you need to be in bed at a specific time in order to have a perfect next day. However, we knew that we wanted to enjoy each day like it was the last. So instead of going straight home and putting my onesie pj’s on, we decided to pick new places to discover.

Don’t get me wrong i’m all for preparing for success and getting my 8 hours in but I am just tired of going to bed so sad and then waking up exhausted. I would rather have fun memories to sleep on and wake up excited for a new day. I don't’ want to continue to let the Monday blues steal hours of my Sunday evening!

 Can you remember the last time you placed your head on your pillow on a Monday night and said “Wow today was awesome”!? How many mondays have you wasted? Why can’t we have special Monday memories? I’ve decided to get excited about a new week and new goals. I’ve decided to get up early and actually do my makeup BEFORE I get to work and not in the car while im driving. So here’s to endless Monday adventures!

Matthew 6:34
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.


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