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You Probably Didn't Know

You Probably Didn't Know


1.       I am only 4’ 10” and A HALF

2.       My Family is from Nicaragua

3.       I am 1 of 3 siblings

4.       I love traveling

5.       My parents wanted to name me Sahara (why did they only chose desert names?)

6.       I was born in San Francisco



7.       I don’t like seafood

8.       Grilled Cheese and Chicken Noodle soup is a YES

9.       Brunch is my favorite

10.     Eggs Benedict

11.      Pancakes for dinner

12.     Breakfast again

13.     Bread and butter (I finish it before the food comes out)


14.   I am terrified of having my blood drawn & veins ( I still cry)

15.   I’m scared of open water

16.   Occasionally scared of the dark ( I mean who isn’t)

17.   I do not like roller coasters

18.   I don’t like dangerous things LOL (my kids will have helmets and arm/knee pads)

19.   I DO NOT LIKE TO BE TICKLED, I’m scared I’ll faint or pee in my pants!

What about YOU? Where are YOU from? What's YOUR favorite food? What are YOUR fears?



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