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No Longer a Newly-Wed (Part 2)

No Longer a Newly-Wed (Part 2)

No Longer A Newly-Wed (Part 2)

3 Years Later…


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By now, you may have read “No Longer A Newly-Wed (Part 1). In that blog, I talked about REAL LIFE tips for Marriage. In Part 2 I am sharing some FUN things Chris and I think could help keep your marriage fun, youthful, and something to look forward to daily. Marriage is as fun as YOU make it. We hope our journey can inspire you.

20 FUN & Practical- Marriage Tips

1.       Yearly Vacations

2.       Weekend Getaways

3.       Day Trips

4.       If one of you is a night owl- the other can stay up later at least once a week. If one of you is a morning person-the other can wake up earlier once a week.

5.       Dream together

6.       Have goals together

7.       Plan and be spontaneous

8.       Surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed

9.       Read “5 Love Languages” together

10.   Dress up for date nights every now and then (Some date nights might be more adventurous so this can be tricky, but dress up and bring extra clothes if the night or day is going to be longer than expected. If you prepare, you’ll enjoy your day more)

11.   Have a game night at home

12.   Surprise them with their favorite dessert or meal

13.   Grab tacos on Tuesdays

14.   Plan your weekend ahead of time to have something to look forward to

15.   Laugh

16.   Send your loved one flowers, chocolates, gifts, notes to their job or at home

17.   Watch their favorite movie

18.   Read old love notes to each other

19.   Watch your wedding videos/photos together

20.   Cuddle- A LOT

At the end of the day, be YOU. Find things that make you unique as a couple. Do things you both enjoy. Be intentional and remember that marriage is what YOU make it.

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