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Yosemite Get-a-way

Yosemite Get-a-way

What happens when you've had enough traffic, long work days, busy weekends, and less and less free time? You plan a get-a-way!

It had been at least 4 years since we visited Yosemite National Park. The last time we went was for my mom's birthday and well, you know how it is when you go with your parents. It's usually a lot more slow paced and you don't really go extreme on the hikes. You keep it simple. However this time around, we went with some friends and decided to go all out. So I thought I'd share a couple moments with you and what I decided to do on this trip.

The first thing I decided before this trip was that, I was not going to take my phone on the hikes. If you know me, I LOVE capturing special moments but this time I wanted to take it all in. So I left my phone at the house that we rented and enjoyed every moment. I really wanted to soak it all in and I knew that I would be too distracted with social media. What I found amazing was how much it cleared my mind. Before this trip I had and still have a lot on my mind and different things I was planning. I was having a hard time clearing my mind. But I really enjoyed being able to switch my thoughts to "I wonder how long it took for these trees to grow so large" or " How high is this mountain" or " Wow, God is amazing". We can get so caught up in so much, so quickly. It's easy to disconnect from your surroundings and yourself. However, I knew I needed some time to tune in. Does that happen to you? I personally hate that disconnecting feeling and am my worse when I cannot find my "center".

The second thing I did during this trip was NO MAKE UP. Can I get an AMEN?! I don't know about you but I get drained having to mask up every day and it was nice to just wake up and go. This was kind of my way to be "in tune" with myself and be "natural". Don't get me wrong, I felt very plain and exposed but it was nice to give my skin a break. 

Overall we mainly walked around and enjoyed each other's company and explored the Yosemite Valley & Glacier Point. Here's a photo of our group on top of "Glacier Point". ARE YOU READY!



I mean c'mon! See that big rock in the background? That's called "Half Dome". It is VERY high up there. But this view honestly took all of our breaths away. What makes this moment even MORE special is these people who we've met this last year!


I also enjoyed some girl time on this trip. It's always so refreshing to be around girls that are sweet, strong, and in different stages of their life. I love coming together and sharing where we are all at.

Finally I got to have another amazing get-a-way with my sweetheart. I love going on trips with him becuase he really knows how to have great time. He always has a sweet smile on his face and is ready for any adventure. 


You see that waterfall in the background? We hiked up to it and all I can say is that God is VERY real! Notice that the water fall has multiple drops. Each drop gave a glimpse of how amazing God truly is. Here's another one of my silly husband photo bombing me!


I had such an awesome time with great friends and nature! I cannot wait for the next trip!


What do you do to reconnect with yourself? Is it: reading your bible, alone time, get-a-way, girl time, or...?



Here's a few more photos for you to enjoy!

(All photos were taken by Brenton Stanley)

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